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How Harmoney's Inventory Feature Is Transforming Bond Trading Management

Team Harmoney

Harmoney’s Inventory feature helps traders effortlessly manage their bond inventory from a single screen, receive real-time updates and automated notifications for market bids, and maintain accurate records, irrespective of whether the trade was executed on or off-platform. Uploading Inventory not only streamlines management but also helps investors trade more.

Discover How Harmoney’s Inventory Feature Is Reinventing Bond Management:

  • Improved Market Access: The inventory management system keeps traders well-informed of potential buyers, aiding price and liquidity discovery for the bonds in their books with a single click. Additionally, traders benefit from security-specific market color and bids created against the bonds in their inventory.
  • Convenience: Once a trade is completed, the Inventory dashboard is auto-updated. Inventory allows traders to maintain and monitor any activity in their bond portfolio on their dashboard with real-time notifications, including trades executed outside the platform.
  • Privacy: Inventory is private to the trader and the data is stored in an encrypted manner. Disclosing positions to the market is solely at the trader’s discretion. This, however, does not impact Harmoney’s system of alerts - the trader still gets a notification whenever any bids are created in the live market against their securities.

Here’s What Data Says

Harmoney’s data shows that using Inventory increases the likelihood of trade execution. On average, 70% of trades are executed with the help of Inventory, however, this figure can be as high as 90%. This demonstrates the significant benefits seen by 75% of Harmoney’s clients using the Inventory feature over the last month.


“Harmoney’s Inventory platform has been really helpful for our bond trading activities with its user-friendly interface and comprehensive market access. The support and resources available on the dashboard ensure that I have all the necessary information on a single screen, making navigating the market smooth and efficient. The platform truly stands out in its ability to connect market participants with ease and reliability.”
-  Shreya Padhiyar, Research Analyst & HNI Desk, SMEST Capital

To see how the Inventory feature functions, watch our comprehensive demo video:


Harmoney's Inventory simplifies and enhances the users' trading experience. It enhances trading opportunities by providing access to all market participants, offers convenient real-time notification on any activity in the bonds in a trader’s portfolio, and ensures privacy with encrypted data visible only to the trader.

With an increasing number of clients adopting Harmoney's Inventory feature, it is becoming evident that this solution is reinventing how dealers manage their inventory.

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