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Revolutionizing Your Trading Experience: Unveiling Harmoney's Enhanced Inventory Feature

Team Harmoney

Harmoney has launched the Inventory tool, which aims to simplify the management of overall security holdings for our valued clients. This unique innovation not only automates the storage and recording procedure but also dramatically increases trading efficiency.

Harmoney has released a version of Inventory, that allows users to list securities without creating many Expressions of Interest (EOIs). This feature is particularly beneficial for busy traders, especially during high market activity. Users can submit securities using an Excel template, obtain direct bids/offers, and enter their cost yield and projected selling value. The system also allows easy selling of listed securities and real-time notifications from interested counterparties about any activity on their listed assets.

Key features of Enhanced Inventory:

1.      Consolidated View: With the Inventory feature, customers can effortlessly consolidate their traded assets into a centralized hub for a complete overview of their investment portfolio.

2.      Real-Time alerts: Receive personalized real-time alerts for your securities to stay ahead of the game. Receive fast updates about market movements, ensuring that you are well informed and able to act quickly.

3.      Offer to Market: Traders can place anonymous offers directly from the Inventory page. Harmoney is providing its clients with a seamless trading experience with greater privacy and security.

4.      Cost Tracking and Valuation: Users can easily track the cost, valuation, and current quoted levels of their holdings. This feature allows traders to make informed decisions and maximize their trading outcomes.

5.      Automated Syncing of Trades: No Manual Intervention! Trades executed on Harmoney are automatically added to the Inventory, saving traders considerable time and ensuring that their portfolios are always up to date.

6.      Effortless Data transfer: Inventory has made it convenient to transfer data from Excel. Integrate your holdings seamlessly into Harmoney’s platform.

Watch the demonstration video:

Want to see the Inventory feature in action? Watch our demo video below to see how this feature can improve your trading experience.


Lastly, at Harmoney, our commitment to innovation and user satisfaction is unwavering. The enhanced Inventory feature is a testament to our dedication to providing traders with a seamless and efficient platform.

Refer to our Inventory Guide for more details.

For any inquiries, issues, or assistance, please reach out to our dedicated customer support team at